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Setting up a class blog

There seems to be a lot of contrasting opinions on whether blogs have any use in the classroom. I must say that I find them a useful and powerful tool, if by having a class blog you can engage your students and encourage them to take an active role in running it then you are encouraging reflective learners. I looked into the 100WC where children are encouraged to write as a challenge…and think that by having a class blog ideas like this could better be started up in class.

I have decided to setup a class blog for my class and the children are extremely excited, I already have about 8 volunteers to help run the blog.

Keeping a journal of all the work we do in class is just one of the reasons to have a class blog, it also helps the children reflect on their learning and take an active role by posting what they have been doing in class and commenting on each others work, which is something they always enjoy.

I am looking forward to launching it and slowly letting the students run it for themselves!

Here is an excellent infographic: 10 REASONS TO BLOG!

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