Guided Reading Questioning Framework App

I have just started using this App to help during my guided reading sessions. It is a great way to use structured questions during guided reading and the questions are even differentiated by Lower Order, Middle Order and Higher Order questions!

You can get the App here: Click to go to App. The App is from Alan Peat, he has quite a few good Apps so check them out while you are at it! 🙂


Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is an excellent, easy to use App for the classroom. Creating digital content in class is always fun and Adobe Voice proves to be a great tool for engagement as children are immediately drawn to creating videos.

Here is my experience so far:

I would suggest you create a class account, which can then be used by all the children in class. I created one account for all teachers and students in my year. To create an account click here and create an account.

Once you log in it is really very simple to use and the App is extremely intuitive.

Basic video tutorial on how to use once you have an Adobe ID

Some examples of how I have used it in class:

International day video

IPC UNIT – The Holiday Show – Game App Promotion video


If you use Adobe Voice, please comment below and share your ideas!