I have had a twitter account for some years but have only recently started using it again. I have found it to be such a valuable tool! So, if you are a teacher and have never used twitter before, you are probably asking yourself:


*Well first of all, as in any job, I believe you should always aim to stay up to date and twitter does a great job connecting you with educators all over the world. It is incredible how easy it is to find and follow people who are online sharing best practices.

*Second, in twitter you will meet and network with teachers, this will open incredible doors and will present you and your class with different learning opportunities. Collaboration between classes is something which I am trying out at the moment with my class and I feel it is such an incredible opportunity for my students and their learning. Giving them the opportunity to connect with other students from all over the world and share their learning and different perspectives. This will definitely help them in their future learning.

*Sharing of resources, as I mentioned before, educators on twitter are constantly sharing resources and ideas. What better place to start looking for resources? It is also a great community and once you have networked it is a great place to ask for help.

Well, these are only a few reasons why you should join twitter. I know a lot of people are sceptical about using social media and I completely understand where they are coming from. As teachers we have 100 and 1 things to do…marking to get through….observation lessons to prepare…homework to set…lessons to plan and god knows what else. I do not use twitter at school during my day to day mainly because when I am in school I do not stop. But at home, I do think it’s a great tool for the reasons I mentioned above!

So, give it a go and you can follow me at @Mr_ODonovan    🙂

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