Formative Assessment Ebook on the iBooks Store!

This year at school we launched a new  Professional Learning program, where we are encouraged as teachers to research topics of interest to us in order to reflect and record our own professional development. The final outcome is a book produced in iBooks Author and then published to the ibooks Store.

I have always been interested in publishing and you can read about my experience using the great BookCreator App here. My role as a learning technologies coach means I get to work with teachers and share ideas, helping them implement them in their own classrooms. This has led me to co-publish with Maria Ruiz my own book on the iBooks Store!

The experience has also served as preparation for the book I will produce at the end of the school year, reflecting on my own professional development as well as my teaching. I now feel better prepared to make an even better book next time!

If you are new to the use of technology and would like to read some easy to implement ideas for starting to use formative assessment in your digital classroom, please download the book here!

The whole process is not complicated and made easy by the step by step publishing, making it possible for anyone to become a publisher!

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Everyone can publish!



Recently I ran a staff workshop on BookCreator and the possibilities it has in the classroom. I was lucky enough to attend the iPad K-5 conference at UWCSEA in Singapore where I attended a workshop by Jane Ross, a Digital Literacy coach at Jakarta Intercultural School. In the workshop she talked about her own experiences using BookCreator and iBooks to help students publish their work and it really inspired me.

I see so many possibilities with Apps such as BookCreator and iBooks Author, motivating students to create content and even the possibility of publishing their work to share with the world. One of my targets this year is going to be to try and inspire students at my school to create their own books and maybe even publish them!

I first wanted to experience the process for myself and luckily enough I have actually just submitted and had approved my first ever book published to the iBooks Store! I am part of a big family (6 brothers and sisters) and I am an uncle to 9 nieces and nephews. Back in 2012 I wrote a short story for very young children and asked a very talented friend of my sisters’ to create some illustrations for me, I wanted to create the book to give to all my nieces and nephews.

Once it was eventually ready, I only managed to print a few copies and never managed to give it away as a present. After what was a magnificent experience at the iPadK5 conference and having the opportunity to meet and speak to so many inspiring teachers and educational technology experts I was determined to put into place some of the ideas learnt at the conference.

The whole process only took a few hours, I already had all the text and illustrations so all I had to do was use BookCreator to make the layout of the book. Creating an account to offer books for Free on Itunes Connect is very easy and the whole process is very well laid out and explained. Once my book was submitted, it took about 24hrs for it to be approved.

Imagine the possibilities you open up to students; from a school or family environment, you can motivate and engage them by offering them a larger audience. Publishing is not always necessary, creating content and using Apps like BookCreator to motivate students to compile learning journals or reflect on their work is such a powerful tool.

The Snake in My House, is a simple example of how technology can open up possibilities that did not exist before and how everyone can really become a publisher! Please download the book and share with your children, family, friends and colleagues. I hope this post will motivate you to inspire your students and show them the possibilities that exist!

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Improving A Piece Of Descriptive Writing – #Literacy

Improving a piece of descriptive writing – #Literacy

5913123665_d4ba71d870_zIn Literacy we have been working on our descriptive writing and the children have been doing an amazing job! Looking at how to enhance engagement in some of my more reluctant writers and push some of the more advanced I came up with this idea for a few lessons:

Students love teaching each other. I try and give opportunities in my lessons for students to ‘teach’ each other concepts and show understanding, I find this is a useful strategy. I planned a lesson where students had to evaluate a piece of descriptive writing and then improve it.

As a whole class we discussed the success criteria for descriptive writing and what we would expect from a good piece of descriptive writing. Children then went away and in their groups discussed their paragraphs and used a similar marking code to the one we use in school. They used highlighters and different colour pens to identify good writing and then added and improved parts of it.

I asked all children to take a picture with their iPads of both the original and their improved piece. At the moment we don’t have access to paid Apps so using the very popular ‘Explain Everything’ App was not possible but I found a free alternative called IPEVO Whiteboard App, which allows you to record and save to the camera roll.

Very happy with the outcomes!

Examples from lesson